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Name:Arlen Arkenstone
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The world I come from suffered some kind of schism or cataclysmic event, resulting in memory loss for the entire populace. I remember my distant past, but all I remember of the years just before whatever event happened that jarred the world is that I was going to meet up with my research partner, Einrich Gerstötten. I do not know where I was to meet him.
Einrich is a few inches shorter than me, swarthy and heavily built. He has black hair and eyes and is of a passionate temperament. If you see him, would you please let me know?

I can be reached in the Nexus Laboratories. I have a large alchemy laboratory and glassworks there, with a trained apprentice. We are both available to do work by commission.

((Original character for RP. All icons and stuff copyright to me! Drawing by [personal profile] reymonkey!))
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